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Snow on the first day of spring break

Well, after a warm weekend in Boston (where I saw people wearing shorts and t-shirts), we awoke this morning in Vermont to at least 8 new inches of snow. Sheesh! Part of me is definitely happy — this means more skiing, which is always great. We had some rain earlier in the weekend, which does a number on the quality of the snow for skiing. So, this new snow will hopefully undo any damage the rain did (assuming it doesn’t turn to rain).

But, the other part of me is wondering if it’s spring everywhere else but here in Vermont? I went to undergrad up in this area, and I remember my first year coming back after spring break. I think we had something like 4 major snowstorms AFTER spring break, and I expressly remember NOT liking that. I guess I should perhaps prepare for that this year in case it happens. Winter doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of letting up — so, I guess I will embrace it, get out and ski as much as possible, and be happy I don’t have to drive anywhere today since we don’t have school.

And, nothing like a snow day to sit inside and do work, which is my primary plan for this week. Here we go…



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