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Happy Pi Day

Sometimes, I wish my classes and cases that I’ve read had concrete answers to all questions.  When it comes to math, there’s always an answer even if the answer is undefined.  Here, the best answer tends to be “it depends.”  If you couldn’t tell, I’m having a hard time adjusting back to real life after a spring break of doing absolutely nothing (other than my one assignment that was due over break).

I think all of this is also stemming from the fact that I have approximately 2 months until finals.  Then there’s formal graduation, registering for summer classes, MELP graduation and whatever else comes my way.  I’m also slightly stressed by the fact that I don’t know what will come my way in August.  I like to make plans.  I’m great with keeping up with a color-coded calendar (my laptop calendar is my new love), and I LOVE using color-coded sticky notes (also on my laptop).  I’m not really even OCD, I’m just a visual person who likes to see all of my responsibilities in color and right in front of me.  It’s just that it’s much harder to make a plan when I’m not sure where to start.

Maybe I’m trying to think too much right after spring break.  Maybe I should just focus on some work and leave “The Plan” thinking for this weekend.  On a brighter note, I love the fact that at 6:30 p.m. today it was still light outside.


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