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Gotta Love the Sunshine

The past couple days have blessed us with sunshine and warm weather, which is getting me very excited for spring.  While I was home in PA over spring break, I had the chance to see flowers peeking out of the ground and buds popping out on willow trees.  Now that I am back in VT I am definitely ready for spring.  It is nice to finally see the White River with the sun glistening off the uncovered water, which has been hiding beneath ice for the past couple months.  As much as I love snow and gained a new love for winter this year, I am ready for flowers and birds…and to be able to wear shoes, not just boots.

It is hard to believe that we are in the downward swing of the semester.  Midterms are pretty much over, now we just have to hold on for the rest of the semester.  On another crazy note, the official VLS graduation is in 2 months.  While most MELP students aren’t normally done at that point, it is still a reminder that our year is coming to a close.  Already, it is easy to see that my classmates have promising plans for after graduation.  It makes me so excited to know that everyone is going to go out into the world and do awesome things.



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