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VT Maple Weekend

This past weekend was Vermont Maple Weekend, in which sugarmakers across the state opened up their sugarhouses for the public to see how maple syrup is made. Two other people and I ventured out to Sweet Maple Alpacas farm to visit their sugarhouse. This operation was run by a family with 450 maple trees. On average, that produces 70-120 gallons of maple syrup each year. I learned all about Vermont’s grading system for its sugarmakers and what conditions are best for the trees. The family said that they spent the past two weeks out on snowshoes tapping the trees. This sure sounds like heaven to me. We got to taste the syrup right out of the boiler. I bought two pints of it, which were still warm. In fact, we got to see them pour the fresh syrup directly into the containers. Nothing beats Vermont maple syrup! The family also owns and breeds 60 alpacas, which we had the pleasure of visiting with. To top off this trip, we had to drive down dirt roads to get to the farm, and in case you haven’t heard, Vermont’s fifth season, mud season, is upon us.

As a side note, today is the first day of spring. And what is it doing? It’s snowing!


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