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International understanding…

Today I gave a talk to the VLS community about water rights and water policy in Australia. I presented on the work I did last year as part of my Fulbright scholarship to Australia. The Fulbright mission is to increase international understanding, and so part of me really felt compelled to continue increasing that understanding by sharing what I learned in Australia with people here at VLS.

The talk went pretty well (I think) and it made me really appreciate that this sort of thing is possible at VLS. I know that schools have speakers come all of the time, but I’m not sure how often they make it possible for current students to present on research they’ve done or are doing. I know that people here know a lot about certain topics, and one of the great things about being in school is that we can share our knowledge with each other.

Hopefully people got a lot out of the talk today, but even if they didn’t, it really made me realize how much I had learned, and it also made me happy to think about things in Australia again. It was a really neat opportunity to learn so much about a different country (and a different country’s water policy), and it was great to be able to share that knowledge with my classmates and professors here. So, yea VLS for making these sorts of things happen. They even provided cookies and drinks, which always encourages people to come 🙂


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