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Still skiing… and great basketball

Holy cow! Can you believe VCU just beat Kansas to make it to the Final Four?! I can’t. But, I’m really excited they did, even though it means my bracket looks terrible now — I wonder if I even have any teams left in my bracket — they all could have lost this weekend. I actually don’t follow basketball all that much, but for the Land Use Clinic, we all did brackets to have a little competition. So, now I’m invested. I was winning until SDSU lost — I picked them to win. I wish I had picked VCU to win — how awesome that a school that didn’t even think they were going to make it into the tournament just knocked off Kansas! Yeow. Definitely, you should do a bracket here. Find some friends and set one up — it makes for some good distractions from school in March.

Ok, and now on to the thing I actually wanted to write about. We went skiing today — a long one, maybe 10 miles or more, from Barnard to Suicide Six (the local downhill ski area), and it was great. I can’t believe there’s still enough snow (and in some places there wasn’t enough snow), but it was a great day to be out. It’s actually been quite cold this past week (it sure doesn’t feel like spring yet even though it’s the end of March!), which means that we still have a whole lot of snow on the ground. Although I’m excited for spring, it’s great that we can still ski. I do remember saying back at the end of February that I wanted to ski until the end of March, and it looks like I’m getting my wish.

Hopefully, we can just skip mud season and get straight to wonderfully warm weather. We’ll see… the dirt roads are wild right now!


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