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The best word to describe the brewery tour hosted by the VLS Women’s Rugby Team.  We visited Long Trail, 7 Barrel and Harpoon. When we saw the school bus pull up in front of Oakes, we knew the day could only get better.

The Pollenator

I already visited the Long Trail Brewery before and their beer is delightful! This time I tried the Pollenator and shared nachos and hot dogs with good friends. 7 Barrel was my least favorite. In fact, I gave away my beer to my friends. Ick! The Harpoon Brewery was really cool because we got a guided tour with a couple different samples of the IPA during the process. After the tour we were allowed samples of their different varieties of beer: the IPA, Hefeweizen, Celtic ale, Belgian Pale Ale, Munich Dark, Harpoon Cider and other varieties I don’t remember. It’s a great way to try the different types of beer and have fun.

I was never really a beer person prior to moving to Vermont but all of the breweries are fun to visit and tour. The beer isn’t bad either and it’s so much to fun to go with a big group of friends and just relax.

As always, please drink responsibly.


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