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Six Weeks To Go

I checked my calendar today and realized that there are only six weeks left in the semester, and this includes the two weeks of final exams. Holy cow, time is flying by! Although I am in need of a break from classes, I do wish the semester would put on the breaks. I love it here and I am not ready for the semester to be over. Additionally, that means I only have six weeks to finish all of my papers. Yikes. There is so much I need to do, so much I want to do, and so many places I want to see between now and then. Although I will be here in the summer, my roommate will not be, so we are plotting out all of our adventures now.

I know somebody posted something about this already, but we had a winter storm warning on April 1st…and that is not an April fools joke. I never thought that I would use the word “April” and the word “winter” in the same sentence!

This weekend I went to eat at Eaton’s Sugarhouse again (for at least the 10th time since I’ve been here!). It is just one of those places you can’t live in Vermont and not go. It is only 10 minutes from SoRo, down Route 14. Afterward we went to Woodstock, VT and walked around. I had not been there yet, plus it was nice to get out of SoRo. We found the Vermont Country Flannel store, which is like hitting jackpot. I bought the thickest, most comfortable flannel shirt you can imagine. Ok, I need to go finish up my readings. I am desperately trying to get ahead on my work so I can go on more adventures this weekend.


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