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Barnard General Store … creating community

One of the little gems that isn’t too far from SoRo is the Barnard General Store in Barnard. It’s a very cute little store with great food. You can go Tuesday night for burger night or Friday night for pizza night, or you can just go anytime. There will undoubtedly be locals there, and that’s really the best part about it. It’s just a hub for people to come through and talk to each other.

We went there today and there were other VLS students studying there. Barnard is a tiny town, and if it weren’t for the general store, people would probably never even stop. But, the general store is just this great thing right in the middle of this little town. It also happens to be right next to Silver Lake, a state park, where you can swim in the summer and skate in the winter. They have a little statue out there — George the skater — and you can guess what day and time he is going to fall through the ice into the pond. He still hasn’t fallen through yet — the whole lake is still covered in snow (and probably ice, though no one is skating anymore).

In places like Vermont, where people are spread out, little stores like the general store are really one of the best ways to generate community. I’m looking forward to spending more time there when the weather gets warmer, which it is starting to do!



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