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Spring has arrived in SoRo!

I have been in a fantastic mood the past few days because spring has finally poked its head out in SoRo! Most of the snow has melted and the grass is turning green. The sun is shining. People have popped out of the woodwork. SoRo was very quiet and empty during the winter, but that is no longer, people are everywhere.

Last Friday I went on a hike up Kent’s Ledge (in town) and there was still plenty of snow on the mountain. It was 50º outside so I wore shorts and hiking boots, though this turned out to be a bad decision. The two of us left the trail and went all the way over the ridge, and little did we know we’d need snowshoes! The skin got scrapped off of my legs up to my knees because we had to make our way through 1-2 ft of ice and snow the entire way. It was worth it. If you don’t do things like this, you can’t say you’ve truly experienced Vermont!

Saturday I made a day trip up to Burlington. We spent the day wandering the city, going in and out of the local shops, and spent a long time walking down by Lake Champlain. It was a wonderful 60º and sunny then entire day. I did a lot of outdoors stuff in the winter, though I did not go on many trips out of SoRo, so the  beginning of spring is a nice change. I look forward to the many spring adventures to come in the next few weeks. (I will, somehow, find time for them!)

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