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Poetry in class

I just had a very cool thing happen in class. At least I think it was very cool. Prof. Stephen Dycus gave a guest lecture in our legal adaptation to climate change class. He came to talk to us about the threat that climate change poses to national security, which is an interesting topic all on its own.

However, the coolest thing was that he opened the class with a poem. The poem was entitled ‘Today’ by Billy Collins and it was about a perfect spring day, which just made you want to essentially sign to the heavens, rush outside and throw your arms open to the sky and the sun. It did happen to be a pretty incredible spring day (and one much needed since winter seems to have dragged on for longer than usual this year), and it was just neat to have the poem read at the start of class.

Apparently, he starts every class with a poem, so if I were you, I would try to take a class with him while you are here at VLS! Unless you hate poetry…


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