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Summer Classes

I know that I just wrote, but I forgot to mention that we got to register for summer classes (finally!) this past week. I am going to take Ocean and Coastal Law, Ecology, and Managing Human Impacts on the Oceans. I am super excited about the ocean courses. I had the option to waive ecology since I took it in undergrad, but I love ecology and decided I wanted to spend time outside at field sites in Vermont. I think it will be nice to mix it up between the two more traditional legal classes. I took summer classes every year in undergrad and loved it. I am really looking forward to the quick paced, yet more relaxed aspect of learning. This semester has been, well, difficult. Five classes are definitely doable, but I haven’t had much breathing room. But most of all, I’m looking forward to studying down on the rocks in the river again! How many law schools (or universities for that matter) can you walk from campus and study in the middle of a river?! Ok, so much for daydreaming about summer (you see, it’s 40º and raining today, so I am ready for summer).


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