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Free Cone Day!

What’s the best way to spend Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day? Taking a tour of the factory, of course! A few of my friends visited the Ben & Jerry’s factory to partake in ice cream galore. One employee shared with us how he consumed 10 scoops of ice cream one year. I love ice cream but even that is a bit much for me. We managed to keep it down to 2 free scoops plus a sampler from the tour. It was still fun and exciting despite the fact this was my third tour of the factory. It was the first time I toured during the week so I could actually watch the production in action. Our sampler was the chocowlate chip, which is essentially vanilla ice cream with cow-shaped chocolate chips. I highly recommend the coconut 7-layer bar scoop and the bonaroo buzz!

After the tour we checked out Waterbury and ate at a little bagel shop in town. Then we went shopping at this amazing antique store. We looked through some old postcards and photographs, which felt a little creepy if you think about it. I ended up buying this beautiful cameo pin that I hope to turn into a necklace. We topped off the day with some more shopping in Montpelier at boutiques and (my favorite) the Montpelier Co-Op.

This was definitely a much needed break from preparing for finals. I can’t believe it’s almost here. I’ll be finished with 2 of my classes before April ends, followed by one in-class final and one take-home final.

Writing this post has me craving some ice cream now…

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