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Study groups

While study groups can be a mixed experience, I have to say that they can be especially helpful if you get the right people in your group. I just joined one today for my watersheds class, and I can tell it’s going to be a good study group.  No matter how good you are at taking notes, or how closely you read the cases, it’s almost a certainty that other people will get other things out of class or the cases that you haven’t. If you get together and talk about them in a study group, you can really benefit from different insights and thoughts.

It’s certainly true that not every study group is useful — you have to find one with people in it who are at a similar level to you, and interested in working roughly as hard as you. But, if you do have a good mix of people, the different insights into the cases and issues presented in class can be especially useful.

The fact that we’re getting to study group time really means that the semester is almost over. I’m excited for the end, but also aware of how much I still have left to do. Yeesh. At least it’s easier to study with not so nice weather!


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