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Freak Out Time

I’m not really one for panic attacks but if I were I believe I would definitely be having one around this time.  I am pretty freaked out that next week is our last week of class before finals, formal graduation, summer term, and then the summer graduation.  Since I have class only 2 days a week, that means 3 more class periods to finish up a presentation, negotiation simulation, outline notes for my 1 in-class final, and preparing for my take-home final.  Whew.  I’m exhausted just typing all of my to-do list.

To make things even more hectic, my friends and I are going to Montreal this weekend so I should pretty much have the majority of my work completed by Friday morning.  Be prepared for some pictures and updates.  Despite the stress I am very excited to visit Montreal since I have never been to Canada.  It will also be the first time I go out of the country using my new passport!  Yay!

OK, I’m definitely now just procrastinating on finishing the remainder of my readings for tonight.  I just made it even harder to concentrate since I’m very excited about my trip and future trips outside of the country.  I’ve especially been dreaming about tropical beaches since it is getting cold here again.  Last week, I definitely wore a dress and boat shoes.  Last Saturday, it freaking snowed again!! And then had sleet!  Of course, it had to be the same day my boyfriend and I went on a double-date with a friend and her date to Montpelier.  Let’s just say I earned some Vermont winter street cred for driving back to SoRo that night.

Back to work.  No more procrastinating!!!!


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