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Three Weeks and Counting

Happy Earth Day!! Go do something outside.

It snowed for four hours yesterday, April 21. It was beautiful, although I sure am ready for it to be spring. Despite temperatures in the 30s and snow yesterday, today is supposed to be sunny and 55. You know what this means? I am going running! It’s nice enough out that maybe I’ll pick up trash as I run (it is earth day after all).

Last weekend I went to Rhode Island and Massachusetts. I had not been to RI before, so seeing Providence and the capital building and eating at all the local places was nice. Although I love SoRo dearly, it sure is important to get out every once in a while. We made it to RI in 3.5 hours. Coming from GA, where it takes 2 hours just to get from Athens to Atlanta, it amazes me that you can make it through three states in just about the same amount of time. I love New England.

We have one more week of classes and then two weeks of final exams. I only have one in class final because three of my classes are term papers and my fifth class was a big project/presentation. I am plugging away on my papers, slowly but surely. I typically spend the mornings working in my apartment and the evenings and nights in the library. If you need me, you know where I’ll be.


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