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A Weekend in South Royalton

I took a quick break from the grind of school and a very cold and dreary Spring in South Royalton last weekend by heading to Washington, DC. It was wonderful to be away; I returned to VT with a sun burn from attending EPA Earth Day events on the National Mall. This weekend however, I am holed up in my apartment working on a final project, finishing a paper and getting my outlines prepared for three upcoming finals. Taking five classes is manageable but difficult because of the amount of work you actually have to get through.

It has been sleeting all day, and I am starting to worry that we will never see green grass again. I really want it to be beautiful for Graduation in May, but right now that isn’t looking promising. MELPs can participate in the formal graduation in May as well as a MELP only graduation in July. I’m attending both for lots of reasons, but mostly because I can’t wait to watch my favorite 3Ls walk across that stage, and because Amy Goodman from Democracy Now is speaking. Also, I’d really like to get a few formal pictures of myself in a cap and gown as cheesy as that sounds. This has been quite an experience here, and I want to celebrate with my VLS friends!

The celebrations for Earth Week were lots of fun, but now everyone is cracking down and settling in for the long haul. At least there is Zumba to attend as a stress release and thank goodness for coffee. Enough with the procrastination, back to work!

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