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The Joy of Living in SoRo

I would highly recommend living in South Royalton during your time at VLS. The most obvious reason is not having to drive everyday in the winter. However my real reasoning is because of the sense of community that exists. The past two days have really reminded me of this. Nothing can replace the experience that is living in SoRo.

Thursday I went to the library right after my classes, yet I didn’t have all the books I needed so I left my stuff at the library and headed back to my apartment. I grabbed my stuff and my roommate and I then went to the post office. While walking through the green one of my friends texted me and said he saw us walking (no, this isn’t weird when you are in SoRo) and so we went and met him at Five Ole for a drink. Afterward we made a stop at the coop before heading back to the library, where my computer was still sitting untouched.

Yesterday I met up with one of my friends to go for a walk because it was gorgeous outside. Afterward I met up with two other friends on the town green to do a trash pick up for Earth Day. We collected trash all along one of the town roads, during which almost every person that passed us while running or walking thanked us for picking up trash.  After the trash pickup my roommate and I took snacks and went and sat on the town green, where many other students and community members had the same idea we did.

Despite the end of the semester crunch, the past two days I would describe as perfect.


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