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Counting down the days…

I can’t believe April is almost over for two reasons. First, because it hasn’t really felt like spring yet (there was snow again this weekend!) and second, because it means this semester is almost over. Whoa, where did the time go? Even though we have summer classes, it really feels like things are coming to a close, which is kind of a strange feeling. Even though I have a lot of work left to do in these next three weeks until the end of the finals period, part of me will be sad to be done with it, because I really do enjoy my classes and learning.

Anyways, I had a nice Easter weekend down in Connecticut where I went to visit with my family. Leaving Vermont and the campus every once in awhile really helps you feel like you’re having a break, even if you still have work to do. I didn’t really do much work at all this weekend, and it made me remember how nice it is not to have to do work on the weekends when you have a job (unless you decide to take your work home with you all the time). But, having a break on the weekend really makes you feel ready to be productive during the week. Without a break, it’s hard to keep up the intense pace of work all of the time.

Speaking of work, it’s about time to get started again. It will be a big push to finish off the semester, but hopefully it will be mostly enjoyable…

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