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Feelin’ It

I am in no way ready for this semester to be over, although I am quite ready for this current work load to be over. Last night I was up working until 2:00 and woke up and was hard at work again by 6:00. I feel like tonight could be a similar night. You should know, I am not a procrastinator. If I had not stayed ahead on all of my readings and worked on my papers throughout the entire semester this would have been even worse. I am ahead on a lot of my work, and yet there is just never enough time in the day. I am starting to get a little worn out. I enjoy working really hard, although it is a little discouraging to work this hard and instead of getting ahead, I’m just trying to stay  caught up. If I keep this up all week in order to get my first two papers done and my public comment letter complete, then that will give me five days to catch up on sleep and prepare for my environmental law final. Following that final I will have another five days to kick back into gear and finish up my third and most difficult paper. I can do this!

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