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VLS Bunnies!

I know I just wrote, but I had to provide an update on the VLS campus bunnies! There is one quite large, black rabbit that has been on campus for some time now. He can usually be found somewhere around the library quad. It was funny to see him out and about as the snow was melting–a huge black rabbit sitting on a melting snow bank really pops out at you. I believe that there used to be multiple bunnies, but through the years there is only this one left. However, fear no more, VLS has rescued a rabbit from a shelter and there are once again two bunnies on campus! They put the new one in a little house/cage for a few days while it got used to its surrounds. Yesterday was a very exciting day because they let her out, and my goodness is the black bunny so happy to have a friend. There is no better study break when you are in the library at night than to go outside and watch the bunnies follow each other around for a while. The fact that there are bunnies on campus is probably one of VLS’ greatest aspects!

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