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2011 MELP Class Photo

Today all 36 MELPs are requested to come together and have our class photo taken. A photographer comes to take a picture of our group that we are presented at the MELP graduation in July and that hangs in Chase so future MELP classes can marvel at our tremendous good looks and intelligence. I joke, of course. But I’ve been waiting for this activity the entire year, silly as that sounds.

I remember when I visited VLS for the first time. I had been an admitted student for about one month, and came to check the place out. As I wandered around the campus, I was struck by many things including the composting toilets, how clean everything was, the beauty of the surrounding green mountains, and the compact nature of the campus. What really stuck in my mind however, were all the pictures hanging in the Chase Breezeway of each graduating class (JD, MELP and LLMs). I stood in front of all those smiling faces and wondered if I’d join their ranks. And now, all these months later, I’m here and I don’t regret for a moment coming here.

The weather isn’t really cooperating today; we are experiencing the storms which hit the South earlier in the week. Therefore, I have a feeling we will be forced inside. Who knows, maybe the weather will hold out and we can be outside. Keep your fingers crossed for us, as VLS is situated in such a pretty place, I’d like to have our picture outside. Regardless, I’m excited for this snapshot in time this afternoon. Just think, you could be doing the same thing next year, thrilling idea isn’t it?!

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