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Outdoor classroom… finally!

Well, we managed to make it out to the outdoor classroom for two of my last classes this semester. Although I haven’t been here for a spring term before, I think professors usually take their students out to the outdoor classroom at least a couple times in the spring. However, it just hasn’t been nice enough this spring to go out there. It was sort of funny that we were finally able to go out on the last day of two of my classes, but it was an excellent way to finish off class time for me.

Surprisingly, it was my first time going to the outdoor classroom, despite the fact that it’s warm enough to use it during the beginning of the fall semester. However, I think people are just so anxious to be outside in the spring when it’s finally nice, that professors and students alike are far more likely to think about using the outdoor classroom in the spring than they are in the fall, when summer is just ending.

I suppose the one positive thing about having less than ideal weather is that it makes it easier to do work because you don’t feel like you’re missing out on being outside on a beautiful day. I still have plenty of work left to do, but I’m ready for some nice weather — I think it’s good for the soul and helps you be more productive and get through the work.

Speaking of being productive, I certainly haven’t been this morning, mostly because I got up really early to watch the Royal Wedding. It was great! But, then I took a nap on a couch in the sun since I was so sleepy. Oh well — how many Royal Weddings will there be? You gotta catch ’em when you can!


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