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Almost There

It’s hard to believe that I am practically 2/3 of the way done with the MELP program! Yikes! I only have a couple of finals in the next 2 weeks.  Then there’s the formal graduation, one week of break, and then 7 weeks’ worth of classes until it’s completely over! I really liked my classes this semester.  Environmental law was one of my favorites with Professor Latham.  Definitely take a class with him if you can because he is hilarious and a really good professor.

I’ve learned so much more this semester.  The spring definitely flew by, especially since we practically didn’t have class for much of January due to storms.  The time has come to start hunting for internships and possible jobs.  It’s definitely exciting/scary to think about, not to mention overwhelming!

On the plus side, I can’t wait for my summer classes.  From what I hear they should be really fun.  I’m taking Ocean & Coastal Law, Managing Human Impacts in the Ocean, and The Clean Water Act.  Super exciting!  On the down side, it’s getting to be the time to say goodbye to a lot of the friends I made.  This summer will definitely be bittersweet.  OK, time to stop talking about that before I become an emotional wreck!  Back to the books…


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