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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Freak Out Time

I’m not really one for panic attacks but if I were I believe I would definitely be having one around this time.  I am pretty freaked out that next week is our last week of class before finals, formal graduation, summer term, and then the summer graduation.  Since I have class only 2 days a […]

Earth Week

Earth Week and the end of the semester are upon us! I am not going to write about the huge amount of work I need to get done, or the stress of the finals looming over each and every one of us. Instead I’m going to show you the VLS Earth Week schedule starting this […]

Power Shift 2011

This past Thursday through Sunday I was in D.C. for Power Shift 2011, which is a conference sponsored by the Energy Action Coalition that addresses climate change and other important environmental issues. VLS sent five students, including myself to represent VLS at the conference and to promote our school to interested student activists.  We arrived […]

Study groups

While study groups can be a mixed experience, I have to say that they can be especially helpful if you get the right people in your group. I just joined one today for my watersheds class, and I can tell it’s going to be a good study group.  No matter how good you are at […]

Gayla Extravaganza

Last Friday was Gayla, “Vermont Law School’s premier drag extravaganza” (according to their Facebook invite. It is an awesome event, hosted by Alliance in remembrance of the Stonewall Riots, where people can dress up in drag, eat, drink and be merry. The host is the fun Sandra Rox, a drag queen from New York who […]

Free Cone Day!

What’s the best way to spend Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day? Taking a tour of the factory, of course! A few of my friends visited the Ben & Jerry’s factory to partake in ice cream galore. One employee shared with us how he consumed 10 scoops of ice cream one year. I love ice […]

Poetry in class

I just had a very cool thing happen in class. At least I think it was very cool. Prof. Stephen Dycus gave a guest lecture in our legal adaptation to climate change class. He came to talk to us about the threat that climate change poses to national security, which is an interesting topic all […]

Summer Classes

I know that I just wrote, but I forgot to mention that we got to register for summer classes (finally!) this past week. I am going to take Ocean and Coastal Law, Ecology, and Managing Human Impacts on the Oceans. I am super excited about the ocean courses. I had the option to waive ecology […]

Spring has arrived in SoRo!

I have been in a fantastic mood the past few days because spring has finally poked its head out in SoRo! Most of the snow has melted and the grass is turning green. The sun is shining. People have popped out of the woodwork. SoRo was very quiet and empty during the winter, but that […]

Here Comes the Sun

The snow is starting to melt! Not completely though…a friend and I tried to hike up Kent’s Ledge, but there is still plenty of snow that needs to melt before hiking in sneakers and shorts will work.  It was exciting to finally get outside in something other than long pants and a sweatshirt! Spring is […]