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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Making Decisions

Yesterday we registered for our final courses at VLS. It was a bittersweet moment for me as I’ve loved my time here, but I also miss my old life. The life of taking public transportation, getting a real paycheck, having real weekends without the pressure of deadlines and readings, going to movies and attending my […]

Barnard General Store … creating community

One of the little gems that isn’t too far from SoRo is the Barnard General Store in Barnard. It’s a very cute little store with great food. You can go Tuesday night for burger night or Friday night for pizza night, or you can just go anytime. There will undoubtedly be locals there, and that’s […]

Ocean and Coastal Law

This semester, and this week in particular, has been a fantastic time to be at VLS if your heart, like mine, lies with the oceans. This past Friday VLS held an Ocean Law Conference.  More than ten distinguished ocean scholars, including scientists, policy analysts, attorneys, professors, and various directors all came to VLS to discuss […]

Six Weeks To Go

I checked my calendar today and realized that there are only six weeks left in the semester, and this includes the two weeks of final exams. Holy cow, time is flying by! Although I am in need of a break from classes, I do wish the semester would put on the breaks. I love it […]

April (snow) showers bring…

Yesterday was April fool’s day and mother nature played a pretty fantastic trick on most of the Northeast.  It snowed ALL day yesterday.  I don’t mind snow, but I was mentally preparing myself for spring after a couple 50-60 degree days we had in the last week or so.  Mostly, I am looking forward to […]