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Thank the heavens!

Yes! Finally, a beautiful weekend. It has just been perfect all weekend, even when I locked the keys in my car! Oops…

Let’s see… Saturday started with some studying, and then lunch at the Trap Door Bakehouse and Cafe over in Quechee. It’s restaurant week in Vermont this week, and so several restaurants have special prix fixe menus for reasonable prices. The cafe had some lovely Greek items for their set menu, but the best part was eating outside, looking out over the Ottaquechee River. So pretty!

Then, we went down to Simon Pearce, which is a fancy restaurant/glass blowing/pottery making shop right on the river. It’s definitely a place worth visiting, even if you just go to check out the glass making and pottery throwing that happens right downstairs. The stuff they sell is expensive, but beautiful, and the food is supposed to be lovely as well. I haven’t been yet, but I intend to go at least once before I leave…

After that, we went on a great bike ride from Woodstock up to Pomfret and back. We rode along a river, dotted by the occassional farm, and it was just amazingly beautiful and sunny. We got back to the car, which is when I realized I had taken the wrong key with me. I lost about 45 minutes of study time, but it was worth the bike ride.

Today, it was another warm, beautiful day. I even ate breakfast outside! Then, we went on another bike ride out of SoRo. We cut it short so that I could spend some time studying this afternoon, but had a lovely scone as a treat from the SoRo Market. Yumm.

Lunch was outside again in the sun, and then studying for exams. I studied outside for awhile, but was getting sleepy in the warm sun, so I came in to do some work.

Then, we went for a walk through the woods to look for fiddleheads. These are early ferns that haven’t yet unfolded, and are a classic spring time treat in Vermont. We’re boiling some now to have for dinner. It was so lovely to be in the woods — it’s my favorite time to be in them, when it’s low evening light. It’s just SO pretty. And it feels so good to be out in a t-shirt and walking on not too muddy trails.

Now, I’m back to studying and eating dinner, and looking forward to fiddleheads. It’s supposed to rain this week, which I suppose is good for getting the rest of my work done. But, it was so lovely to have such a perfect weekend. No matter how much work you have, you have to get out and make the most of days and weekends like this in Vermont. It’s part of going to school in a place like this, and it does an awful lot for your soul… especially when finals and the end of school are upon you!


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