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Reading Days and Onward

This weekend was beautiful, so I enjoyed every last minute outside. Spring has finally arrived, and it is out in full force. The daffodils have emerged and the trees are almost in bloom! I can’t tell you how amazing it is to be able to sit outside to do work. The apartment I live in has a fantastic porch that faces the South Royalton green, so I spent a good chunk of time this weekend reading and organizing my thoughts from this semester to prepare for exams which start on Wednesday. Just to be able to sit in the sun really helped boost my spirits before exams start! And I’m a nice shade of red from all those hours logged outside.

I learned my lesson last semester, when I spent every hour of every week day and most weekends in the library which added so much anxiety and stress. This semester I’ve really changed my schedule and study habits, I work hard to take breaks and remember to laugh. Three years from now, I’d rather remember all the fun and laughter then hours and hours sitting in the library staring at statutes. Oh course, I’m still focused on my studies but a little less obsessed with perfection this time around. Trust me, in this environment it is really easy to feed off of everyone’s stress and nerves, so it is super important to a break and get outside. I’m trying to take a step back and see the bigger picture and not focus so much on the stress and panic of finals.

Right now I’m spending most of my time focusing on an Environmental Law exam. I’m hoping to take it on Wednesday. The Professor is giving us a take home final exam, and we get 8 hours to complete it. Fun… Then I have two more exams, one for CERCLA and then Land Transactions and Finance. When I’m done, I’m hoping for a nap, a hike and a glass of wine. Summer classes are almost here, I can’t wait!

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