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3 Down, 1 To Go

1 more final left and I then I am officially done with spring semester. While the semester seemed to have flown by, the past couple of weeks have CRAWLED! I blame all of the stress and studying for the finals.  Luckily, I only had 2 finals, one of which I took today (Environmental Law).  It was my first in-class final, and while I’m excited that it’s actually over, I think I prefer take-home finals so much more.  Take home finals allow me to organize my thoughts much better and feel more confident in going over answers before turning it in.  There are always pros and cons on both sides but after taking my in-class final, take-homes are the way to go for this girl.

Hopefully, I can finish my watersheds final (take-home) on Monday.  It’s my first timed take-home final, so I have no idea how I’ll feel about that.  I have so much to do today, so much studying left.  I’m officially exhausted and need some mindless television.  Thank goodness for the Real Housewives of Whatever City!


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