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Spring Semester, Check. Graduation, Soon!

The end of this semester has flown by.  I am not sure if it was just because I was busy with Power Shift and going on adventures while the weather was nice, but it is hard to believe that we are already in finals week!

Yesterday was my birthday–it was a bit rainy and dreary–but some of  my friends and I made it to Sandy’s for some ice cream and snacks.  If you have never been to Sandy’s, it is a must!  Their food is delicious and they have Hershey’s ice cream.  Being from PA, I feel a little closer to home every time I eat it!

Stressed? Yes.  I have three take home finals that are all due on the 11th and it may seem like I have plenty of time, but two of the three are timed and I want to make sure I know all of the information very well before starting a final that could take anywhere from 3-8 hours.  It is easy to get stressed whenever everyone else around you is stressed, but I find that taking breaks (and snack breaks) often really helps to keep my brain from frying.

Graduation is in a little over 2 weeks and it will be sad to see a lot of my friends go! However, some of my friends will be here for  summer classes.  I am excited for graduation because my family, a good friend and my boyfriend are all coming up to watch me walk, even though I am not quite done with my degree.  I think it is really great that the school encourages Masters students to walk at the formal graduation, even though we still have more classes to take.  VLS is as much our home as it is everyone else’s and to walk at the ceremony among my peers is an honor that I would not want to pass up.

As for now, it is back to studying, but I am sure that I will have plenty more to write once the semester is officially over and I have more time on my hands.


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