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One class left…

Woot! Woot! One class to go — of course it’s not going to be easy since it’s a paper and I still have much work to do on it, but at least my other classes are over! I had two 8 hour take home exams, and I can’t believe how much time I spent on them — 6.5 and 7 hours each. Wow! While it’s nice to have the time to do a take-home, sometimes I think it’s better to get it over with in 3 hours instead!

One thing I can recommend is to not go home until you are done with all of your work! I had to go home because I had an event I had to attend, but if you can avoid it, stay at VLS and finish all of your work there. It’s really hard to focus at home, and of course everyone wants to visit with you as well (especially if you live far away and don’t go home that often, like me). But, on the positive side, I did get to spend Mother’s Day with my mom — a rare occurrence!

I’m really looking forward to the break between the end of this semester and the summer term. I have plenty of things to do, but they’re things that I haven’t been able to get around to since I’ve been so busy with classes toward the end of this term. I’m just looking forward to spending some time outside and catching up on life (which, for me, happens to include planning a wedding! Sheesh!)


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