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All done, and time for a break

After turning in my last paper 15 minutes before it was due, I’m feeling pretty thankful for a break from school work. It’s nice to have some time to catch up with the rest of your life in between the semesters. It’s also hard to believe that the first two semesters are over, and it’s time for summer session at VLS. Should be very exciting, but also means the end of the MELP program! Whoa.

But enough about school and classes. Since we’re on break, I wanted to write about the excellent forest foraging you can and should do in Vermont. Just at the end of this last semester, fiddleheads appeared in the forest, which are absolutely lovely lightly sauteed in butter. Fiddleheads are a specific type of fern that you pick before it unfurls. I think a number of Vermont restaurants serve them during the early spring, but you can also pick them yourself, which I highly recommend. They are delicious and very easy to identify. If you don’t know how, just ask around campus and you are bound to find someone who does know and would be happy to show you what you’re looking for.

Now, it should just about be time for morel mushrooms, which I think are absolutely delicious. I haven’t been able to look for them yet since I’m not in Vermont, but I hope I’ll be back in time to catch them before they’re gone. You probably should be a little more careful about your mushroom foraging, but again, there are undoubtedly people at VLS who could take you out and forage for mushrooms with you if you don’t already know how to do it. I highly recommend it — it’s a very Vermont thing to do 🙂

And, of course, apart from foraging, Vermont is also a great place to have a garden. So, if you plan to be in SoRo for the summer, you should either look for a place where you can have a garden, or I think you can even get a plot in a community garden in town. Definitely worth it since fresh, local produce tastes sooooo good! I can hardly wait for summer and all of the delicious veggies sure to come.


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