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It’s summer!

Wow, what a difference three weeks can make. I left Vermont on Ma 6th, when it was definitely still spring here. I came back on May 30th, and everything looked so different. It was so green and there are so many leaves. It’s amazing how much less you can see when there are leaves everywhere!

It’s a completely different place — the smells of summer are here (which are lovely smells from ferns and other plants), it’s hot (though can be cold, still, like today), the river is down (it actually looked like the bridge going across the river to SoRo actually got taller because the river dropped so much), the sun is out for so many hours during the day, the grass is knee-high at least, and it’s summer! It’s such a great time to be here (despite the mosquitoes and black flies). The atmosphere on campus is much more relaxed, and it’s just a lovely feeling to be wearing shorts, sandals, and t-shirts.

I know classes will be work (though you only have to do one at a time!), but even classes feel more relaxed than during the school year. I’ll have to buckle down more in the coming weeks, but I’m happy to ease back into classes and school this summer instead of hitting the ground running…

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