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A different feeling

Well, I know I mentioned it before, but summer time here just feels so much different than the rest of the school year. Classes are still interesting and challenging, but there’s a much more relaxed feel on campus, and the weather is so wonderful! I  know a number of people aren’t really around for the summer — maybe they go and do an internship or something — but if you’re a MELP or LLM, I would highly recommend making the most of the summer term at VLS. It’s just an excellent time to be here, and much less hectic than a normal semester.

Indeed, this past weekend, we had an LLM party over at our house, and several professors came and hung out and chatted with students. What an awesome opportunity to talk with some great professors in a casual, relaxed atmosphere. It’s almost like everyone is having a little bit of a summer break, except we’re all still working some.

The other day, we went down to the river to have lunch, and another student was doing her reading, alternating between sitting on the rock and standing in the river to cool off — pretty awesome way to do homework. And, whether you decide to do your reading there or not, you really should spend as much time as you can down at the river. It’s so lovely and refreshing, and you can fish, swim, tube — whatever floats your boat! Pun intended…

Alright, I imagine this won’t be my last post about how great the summer is, but just wanted to be sure everyone knows how good it is 🙂


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