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Time flies

Wow, these summer classes are just going to fly by. The first term is the longest term of the summer (three weeks) and it’s already 2/3s over! Where does the time go? On one hand, it’s really nice to just focus on one class at a time. On the other, it makes it feel like the class is over in no time at all. I suppose we’re doing the same amount of work that we would do in an entire semester, but it’s hard to believe it!

Anyways, I’m in Environmental Dispute Resolution this term, and I’m really enjoying it. There was a fair bit of lecture in class, but now we’re into simulations, which is just great. We’re trying to negotiate the details about siting a solid waste facility in a town (where I’m the Town Manager in the simulation), and we have people concerned about water quality, aesthetics, traffic, etc., etc. It’s actually pretty neat to see how negotiations work and to participate in them and to have a role to play. Amazingly, it actually seems pretty realistic, though it’s hard to remember to play my role, which is a person most concerned about economic growth rather than anything else.

One really great part about the class is that the professor has a lot of experience doing real negotiations and has all sorts of stories from his experience mediating and negotiating regulations and other things. It’s really pretty neat to hear from him first hand the sort of things you should be thinking about. It really does seem like you can often get much better decisions outside of the courtroom and when all important parties are involved!

Alright, time to spend some time figuring out what my position is on the remaining issues we have to discuss in the negotiations.


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