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Term 3, here we come

Well, the summer term is really very different from the other two terms. I just took the second session off and then had an additional week off because of the one week summer break that comes between the second and third terms during the summer. It feels like I’ve had a full-on vacation, which is sort of a strange feeling, knowing that I have class starting tomorrow.

But, it’s really quite nice to have a little flexibility in the summer because you may just want to do something fun in the summer. In fact, I went home for my brother’s wedding and it was wonderful to be able to be home for a week in order to help out with things. I didn’t have class work hanging over my head because I was done with my Term 1 class, and it was great to be able to focus on my brother and helping out for the wedding.

I suppose the only funny part of being able to take off terms whenever you like in the summer is that you feel like you’re on summer vacation, and then suddenly you have to go back to school! In fact, it just occurred to me that I should probably check to see if there’s a reading assignment for the first day of class, and indeed there is. Guess what I need to do today?!

Hopefully it will be a good class this term. I’m taking Managing Human Impacts on the Ocean: The Arctic After Deepwater Horizon. I’m taking it to get my Ethics/Philosophy requirement (I might recommend trying to get those out of the way in the normal semesters…) but the course sounds interesting. I’ll be sure to report back on how it goes!



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