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So many choices…

One of the hardest things about the summer semester may be picking between all of the awesome classes offered each term. This term, there were several classes that sounded interesting, and two that I really wanted to take: Agricultural Policy and the Environment and Environmental Law and Finance.

I ended up choosing Environmental Law and Finance, but it was really hard to decide. I am really interested in learning more about the Farm Bill, but I know absolutely nothing about finance. And, since you often need money for environmental problems, it seemed like a good idea to learn something about how to raise that money. To be honest, from just two days, I feel like the course will help me personally in understanding money a little more, and how to think about getting loans and budgeting and stuff like that. Pretty useful if you ask me.

I think a lot of people say this, but definitely one of the coolest things about VLS is the summer term. You can take classes from people who have all kinds of different experiences, and it’s just a completely different feeling and setting than the rest of the semester. I’m not sure I’ve entirely adapted to taking one class at a time and studying for one class all day. But, apart from that, it’s really nice to have a really different experience as part of the master’s program here.





  1. Aandeiyeen
    Posted July 13, 2011 at 1:33 am | Permalink

    hey there!

    I am an coming MELP this fall and been peeking in on your blog posts from time and time. I have a few questions, if don’t mind. How big has your average class size been? Have you ever been unable to register a class you wanted to take because it was full? and is there a separate graduation ceremony for MELPs finishing in August?

    thanks! I enjoy reading your posts and everyone else’s.

    • chelsealm
      Posted July 13, 2011 at 12:11 pm | Permalink

      Hi Jennifer,

      Thanks for writing — I’m glad the blog posts are useful. Class size for the most part is pretty small. For the required courses (like Environmental Law), class size is bigger (50+ sometimes), but I’ve had a number of classes with less than 20 people (some with 9 or 10 even). The biggest classrooms just aren’t that big — I think I heard of one Administrative Law class that was around 80 people, but that’s certainly rare. If you want smaller classes, take the higher level seminars. I have always gotten into every class I wanted to take — I had to be on the waiting list once, but still got in before the semester started. I think there is a good bit of demand for the Montana field study course, but apart from that one, I think you can pretty much get into every class you want. There is a separate graduation ceremony for MELPs — it’s actually this weekend. I will still have a class after the ceremony, but it is meant especially for MELPs and LLMs. Hope that helps! Feel free to ask any more questions.

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