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Great study break

So, one of the best study breaks for the summer term has got to be the Tour de France. For most years until now, I have really not been able to watch much of the Tour because I haven’t had TV, and if I have had TV, I haven’t had Versus. But, of course now you can watch the Tour live over the internet, and with a fast enough connection, it’s really pretty decent coverage (plus you can listen to Sean Kelly’s excellent Irish accent!).

The Tour finishes sometime between 10 and 11am each day, so if you are really into the Tour, I would recommend taking an afternoon class for the third summer term. The Tour starts right around the beginning of the summer break and should end just before the fourth term starts. So, the critical term is Term 3. I just happened to decide to take an afternoon class, and boy am I glad I did! It’s great, right as the riders are getting close to the finish, I load up the live streaming of the Tour, stick in my headphones and watch the finish. Definitely an excellent study break for me this term!

And, the other excellent way to take a break from studying is to actually go on a bike ride in Vermont in the summer. There are so many great loops (all of which have hills, of course) and the riding here is just so beautiful. Especially if you go during the low-traffic times, your ride can really be quite peaceful and pleasant. So, the point is, if you like bikes, VLS is the place for you 🙂


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