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Last Day of Summer Classes for Me

This is it, I’ve reached the end of my time at VLS. Sitting through my final class, taking the final and packing a few boxes are the only things standing in the way of hitting the road and heading back to DC. This has been an amazing experience and I’ve loved just about every moment.

To conclude this experience, a large group of MELPs, summer MELPs and Law students all went tubing down the White River yesterday. It was the perfect way to end this experience and I highly recommend you spend time on the White River. It was a hot Vermont day, and I’ll never forget the fun we had, and the sounds of laughter as we drifted down the river towards South Royalton.

I would be hard pressed to explain how much I’ve enjoyed this year in Vermont in a single blog entry. For those of you reading this and getting ready to start your VLS experience, a few words of wisdom. Don’t forget to have fun and explore this awesome State. Don’t forget to reach out to the VLS community of staff and Professors as they truly are here to provide help and assistance. Don’t forget why you came here in the first place, to contextualize your love of learning and your love of the environment in a place where everyone supports that vision and can help you move forward in your professional career. Don’t forget to spend time sitting on a porch, watching the world of South Royalton go by. This is a sweet and unique town, so appreciate it! And please, don’t forget to grab hold of every opportunity presented to you here as they are plentiful and far-reaching.

So this is it, I wish the current MELP Class of 2011 and the future MELP Class of 2012 nothing but amazing adventures both in and out of the classroom and a bright future.

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