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Heat wave!

Holy moly, it’s getting hot up here! It’s pretty rare for Vermont to get this hot, but I can tell you that it is definitely hot today! I’m not too sad to be spending most of the day in the air conditioned library, and I plan to make a trip to the river on the way home.

I thought I’d write about the heat because the truth is, you usually don’t need AC up here in Vermont. The summers are so pleasant, and most of the time when you hear about heat waves further south, Vermont is just perfect! It usually cools down at night, and often takes a while to heat up during the day. Today and yesterday were exceptions to that general rule, but I can tell you it’s nothing like summers in DC, for example.

The other great thing is that there are so many places to go cool off. The White River is perfect (lots of people like to tube down the river; I like to get my snorkel and mask on and look around for crayfish and other things in the river). You can also go to Silver Lake State Park, over in Barnard, and grab some delicious pizza for dinner afterwards from the General Store in town. The Connecticut River has swimming over by Hanover. And, if you head up towards any of the other little mountain streams, there are wonderful places to go swimming. You should definitely make the most of this during your summer here at VLS. It’s got to be one of the best things about being here!


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