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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Posted a minute too soon…

Just after I posted my last blog, we lost power up here in our house. A tree must have gone down somewhere because of the wind and the rain. We decided several hours later that we would head over to my aunt and uncle’s house in Norwich since they still had power and we didn’t. […]

School closed!

Well, this is strange. School (actually, just the library, since it’s Sunday) is closed today for Hurricane Irene.  I don’t think I’ve ever had school canceled or closed for anything other than snow. But, today it’s closed for the hurricane, which isn’t actually a hurricane anymore. It is raining and windy out, but not too […]

Coming full circle

I have to admit it’s a little strange to be here in Vermont and to see all the new students here for orientation while I am still working on my final for the Montana class. It suddenly seems like it’s not summer any more! And, it just felt like summer last week. What happened to […]

Last class ever… in the prettiest place ever

Today I had my last class for my MELP and it was in Montana at a beautiful spot overlooking Blodgett Canyon. The wind was blowing in our hair, the sun shining bright, the sky gleaming blue. We talked about wildfires, and learned about smoke jumpers — firefighters that parachute down into fires to try to […]

Seeing it in real life…

Last semester, we talked about the Alberta oil tar sands, and how Exxon planned to get the necessary equipment up to Alberta in order to get the oil from the tar sands. British Columbia won’t let them transport the equipment through the Province, so they looked for an alternate route. This included barging the equipment […]

Class in the woods

We just back yesterday afternoon from an awesome 4 days and 3 nights in the Clearwater National Forest, right near the Idaho-Montana border. What an incredible place to have class! It’s the Montana Field Course (though I think both times we go out into the backcounty, we’re in Idaho), and we learn all about the […]

Heading out to the field

Today I start my last class at VLS — the Montana Field Study class, run out of Missoula, MT. I’m super excited because we’re basically going backpacking for the two weeks (we go out for three days today, and then go out again next week). I love being out in the woods in the west, […]

Western issues

I had the wonderful opportunity to spend 5 days rafting on the Salmon River in Idaho (I recommend getting married — you never know what people will decide to get you for a present!) I love rivers, whitewater, and being out in the wilderness, so it was an absolutely awesome trip. But, it was also […]