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Heading out to the field

Today I start my last class at VLS — the Montana Field Study class, run out of Missoula, MT. I’m super excited because we’re basically going backpacking for the two weeks (we go out for three days today, and then go out again next week). I love being out in the woods in the west, and I’m super excited that I get to have my last class out there.

I’ve been doing my background reading on public land management, and am looking forward to learning more about the issue, and to seeing some of these national forests and public lands that have been the subject of much debate and litigation over the years. The MELP program doesn’t always lend itself to direct field experience, but I’m really excited to have the chance to go out and see things in this class.

I need to get my backpack ready now, but I will be sure to provide an update and let you know how it all goes once we’re back into internet land later this week.


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