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Coming full circle

I have to admit it’s a little strange to be here in Vermont and to see all the new students here for orientation while I am still working on my final for the Montana class. It suddenly seems like it’s not summer any more! And, it just felt like summer last week. What happened to it?

Although I’m happy to have sufficient time to work on my final, I sort of wish I were done with it already since I have a lot coming up in the next couple weeks (mostly, my wedding…). I’m going to try and enjoy my final final for the MELP degree, however. I guess it’s nice that I don’t have any other school work to do except for that.

It’s certainly an exciting time of year though – the beginning of school and everyone is getting to meet everyone. There’s a whole new class of MELPs getting ready to start their degree, just as I am finishing mine. Kind of cool… they’re in for a real treat!


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