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Posted a minute too soon…

Just after I posted my last blog, we lost power up here in our house. A tree must have gone down somewhere because of the wind and the rain. We decided several hours later that we would head over to my aunt and uncle’s house in Norwich since they still had power and we didn’t. We headed out of our driveway, and went to go down the hill only to find a big ‘Road Closed’ sign. So, we decided to go the other way. We made it a ways down before we came to a place where the creek was washing out into the road. We probably could have made it across, but we decided it was better not to try since we didn’t know what we would find up ahead. Some people drove down in a truck to see the river, and we chatted with them about losing the power and all the roads closing.

It’s just an incredible amount of water. I can’t believe how much is going down the streams — it would be awesome to check out the White River right now, but we’ll have to wait until we can get down there again. Unfortunately, it sounds like a number of places have flooded, including Simon Pearce and downtown Quechee, and some places in Woodstock as well. I haven’t heard anything about South Royalton, but hopefully they’re OK. I imagine the lower parking lots could have been flooded, but hopefully not. It does seem like the school email is down, however…

Anyways, I guess hurricanes can be serious, even up in Vermont! Hopefully the rain will stop soon so that water levels will go back down and people can get around again. And, hopefully everyone else got their power back, like we did. Wahoo! Now we can make bread 🙂


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