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School closed!

Well, this is strange. School (actually, just the library, since it’s Sunday) is closed today for Hurricane Irene.  I don’t think I’ve ever had school canceled or closed for anything other than snow. But, today it’s closed for the hurricane, which isn’t actually a hurricane anymore. It is raining and windy out, but not too bad. There are flood warnings, but I don’t live near the river, so can’t say what the White River looks like at the moment.

It is strange to have weather like this at the start of fall classes when it’s technically still summer. It’s not really cold outside, but it doesn’t feel like summer. I actually am making some tea, and when the tea pot started to whistle, I thought at first that it was the wind really picking up. Hee hee. Just the tea pot!

I wonder whether they would have canceled class if Irene had come through tomorrow. Even if they hadn’t canceled school, if you feel unsafe traveling to campus, the school encourages you to make your own decision so that you feel safe. I definitely like that policy and didn’t go to the first day of classes last winter because of snow even though school was open.

Anyways, Hurricane Irene is a funny way to start the school year, but I’m sure everyone will enjoy the great weather that’s coming later this week even more because of it! Hopefully the plants in the garden don’t get too slammed with rain, and hopefully the dirt roads don’t either! And, here’s to lots of sunny days this fall…


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