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All done!

Well, I’m sure you’re probably wondering why I’m just finishing my MELP degree now. It’s because I went on the 5th summer term Public Lands class in Missoula, MT, and the final was due about 2.5 hours ago! I fortunately turned it in with a few hours to spare, but I certainly have been working on it quite a bit since the class ended 3 weeks ago (although I took a good long break in order to get married!)

It definitely feels a little bit strange to be finishing a final for a summer class when fall classes have started and everyone is just getting into class mode. Finals are a long way from most people’s minds at this moment…

Although I was happy to finish with the final, I also felt a little bit nostalgic for classes and learning. I’m sure I’ll keep learning, but it is so wonderful to be in school. Of course, right now I’m looking forward to having a normal job and going home and being done with work! In fact, to celebrate, I am watching TV tonight! What a luxury 🙂 But, I know I will miss being in school — it’s really a pretty wonderful thing and a real privilege.

Well, this will be my last blog as a student at VLS. The next time you hear from me, I will be employed at VLS, working for the new Water and Justice center. I’m pretty excited for it all, and can’t really believe that I start on  Monday. I essentially have one weekend between being a student and being an employee! I’m just going to take the weekend easy (volunteer a little bit at school for people who need help with FEMA-related stuff from the recent flooding) and get psyched about having a job! Who knows, maybe you too will end up being employed by VLS at the end of your degree…


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