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Picking up from my last Irene blog

I was just looking back at my last blog on the day Irene came through Vermont, and realized I had never put a post up about what happened. The place we’re renting is up pretty high, and so we really ended up being quite lucky and not having much damage at all. The roads near us were closed for a bit, but incredibly the UPS truck made a delivery to our house the very next day. And, thankfully, we were able to have our wedding the next weekend pretty much as planned.

Much of Vermont was not nearly so fortunate. As you’ve probably all heard, VLS was closed for two days. The parking lot took the brunt of the flooding, which was good (and also why it is in the floodplain instead of buildings). Many homes were flooded, and roads across the state were really damaged. Some are still not open. It’s really very sad, but the positive side is that so many people are pitching in to do what they can to help others. Students are volunteering with cleanup efforts all over the area, and the law school is providing a place for people to come and to register with FEMA for assistance. I’m sure there are many other things happening to help people recover, and it’s really heartening to see the communities come together to try and heal from the storm.

I was also glad to finally have a chance this week to do a little volunteering myself since we were so busy with wedding stuff last week. Although I felt somewhat guilty about having a big party while people were really suffering, many locals said how nice it was to come to such a happy event to help them remember that life goes on, and that we’ll all make it through. It will take time, but Vermont is recovering, and I know we will all make it through. And, perhaps the communities will be stronger for it…


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