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Weekly brown bags

This year, the Environmental Law Center has organized weekly brown bags where anyone at the law school can present on just about any topic that they’re interested in and know about. (I think I just ended that sentence in a preposition — shoot!) Anyways, it’s a really nice thing because people have the chance to talk about a topic of interest them, and the law school community has the chance to go listen.

This week’s brown bag was on a recent conference in Nuuk, Greenland, which a VLS student recently attended. She went to present on whether Greenland’s laws were likely to protect the environment and communities adequately from the impacts of likely oil and gas drilling. It was an interesting topic, but also a neat forum. It was pretty informal — the presentation wasn’t entirely polished, and there was a lot of opportunity for back and forth between the presenter and the audience.

There are so many things you have to do when you’re in grad school, but it’s nice to be able to go things because you want to, and to learn things that you just wouldn’t in a class. Also, it’s a nice break from research for me! Indeed, I am scheduled to do one of these talks, so I guess I better start thinking of what I’m going to talk about. (Ooops… that one ended in a preposition, too!)


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