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First ski of the year (and season)

Well, snow is here. Finally! After soooo much snow last year, it’s been pretty sparse so far. We went away over the break, and thought we would miss all sorts of opportunities to go skiing. But, we didn’t really miss anything at all. I’m going to ski the Craftsbury half marathon this year, and hopefully there will be enough snow for it. It’s only two weekends away now.

I have to say the ski really helped to get me into positive thinking about winter. As long as you can go outside, it’s just great. If you’re moving around, you’re not that cold, and then it doesn’t seem like winter is that cold. Of course, I say that as it’s getting down to single digits tonight… Good thing to be inside by the cozy fire 🙂 Now, if only the Broncos weren’t doing so poorly against the Patriots. At least the Patriots are my second favorite team, but it’s sad to see the Broncos lose so badly. Ouch. Football… another great thing to help get through the winter!

And, of course everything looks so beautiful with white snow covering it. So, my suggestion is to look for all of the great things about winter, because it’s gonna come, and it might be long, so you may as well revel in it!



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