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What I’m about to share may be a little strange. I know. But, it’s also super cool, so I’m going to share it anyways. Over the past month or so, several mornings we’ve woken up to find multiple (as many as 9 at one time!) luna moths on the side of our house. I’m including a photo of a luna moth for those of you who’ve never seen a luna moth before, but I can tell you from personal experience, they are pretty cool. And big. And beautiful.

So, here’s the sort of strange part. I think they are coming to our house because we have a motion sensor light that stays on for awhile when it gets triggered. When we come home after dark and trigger it, the moths are attracted to it. And, I think they actually continually trigger it, which attracts even more moths. So, by the morning, we have dozens of moths (mostly small, but also some really cool ones!) all over the side of the house.

I thought this was totally great. So did the robins, unfortunately. At first, I thought it was OK that the robins were picking the moths off the side of the house because they only seemed to be going for the smaller ones. But, then they got bold enough to go for one of the lime green luna moths. That’s where I drew the line. I first tried to scare off the robins, but they were persistant. Then, I tried to move the luna moths into the leafy vegetation — the birds weren’t fooled. In fact, I think the jays and ovenbirds noticed the commotion and decided they liked luna moths, too. So, I had to take the only reasonable course of action, given the situation. I brought the luna moths inside the house for the day.

Kind of weird I know. Some might call me a lunatic. Some might call it lunacy. But, the truth is, they just hang out all day long, usually in one place near the window, and they’re lovely to look at. Also, I don’t feel guilty about luring them to our house and certain death in the morning when we come home late and trigger our motion sensor light. So, really, I feel better, they are alive, and it’s essentially a win-win situation. Except for the robins, of course. Why can’t they eat the slugs off of my lettuce instead?!

At any rate, I hope you get to see a luna moth, or a Polyphemus moth (the brown one below) when you come to Vermont. They are spectacular indeed.

So pretty!


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